What an API can do for your business

  • Builds stronger customer relations
  • Allows integration with other businesses
  • Enhances stronger IT architecture
  • Builds stronger brand status
  • Promotes unrestricted growth
  • Future-ready & technology neutral

What is an API

Application Programming Interface, acronym as API is a kind of intermediary between the software that allows two software to talk to one other.

API helps in hiding the complexity from the developers. It also helps in extending systems to all partners along with organizing the codes and ultimately making the components reusable.

API Development Services

We build a developer-friendly website or mobile application first on the top of the API with the API first approach.

Social Networking

With API first solution you not only enhance the popularity of modern business but also to enables users to expand its reach in just one click.

Payment Gateway

We set up the most conveniently used payment gateway system which is secured in all manners and through which clients can easily pay for the services they use.

Shipping Methods

Techradius make available the API integrated with the shipping method on your website. It can be streamlined without any cost-consuming way.


With the help of our API solutions, you can integrate the SMS into your website, system or mobile apps. You can send bulk SMS from your own portal.

Mobile API

Techradius build highly customized mobile applications which are finely integrated with API. The user-friendly API apps are worth using for a seamless experience.

Authentication API

We build a highly secured product with a perfect integration of an API. It helps in login into your account in an authentic manner.