Strike Against Negative SEO By Following These Methods

Digital Marketing / July 30, 2018

In these past two years, online marketing has gone through a big change. Today, ranking with the competitive words is not as easy as it was back then.
Thus, emerged a non-ethical yet widely spread technique, namely – Negative SEO. It is a practice of following black hat SEO techniques to sabotage competitors’ website.

How to prevent negative SEO attacks

Amidst all, the real question is that is it possible to prevent your website from all such malicious activities?

The answer is yes. Let us proceed ahead and start discussing the preventive measures and strengthen the SEO services.

Enable the e-mail alerts from Google Webmaster

Popularly known as search console, the webmaster tool is a free service by the Google to monitor your site’s performance.

In terms of prevention from the negative SEO, it facilitates the email alerts facility to let you updated with your website’s status.

Information from the attacks by malware to the non-index pages of Google to the Google’s manual penalty, you will be notified each time.

Track the Backlinks and Protect The One You Created

Be vigilant enough towards the sources from where your profile is getting backlinks. There are various tools which check backlinks for you and alert you whenever a new link created.

With that, you also have to protect the strong and vital links that you have created. You can protect them by maintaining proper communication with the website owners from where you have got backlinks. It will also enhance your link building services.

Protect Your Website from Hackers and Spammers

The last thing you want from your website is to get penalized by the Google due to spamming.
Protect your website by installing authenticator into your website so that every time you log-in into your account, you will be going through a secured authentication process.

Other Important Preventive Measures

  • Always keep a thorough check of your website content. See, if the spammers have not copied your content and pasted on the other sites. Tools such as Copyscape help you get the duplicate pages.
  • Have a proper check on your social media mention. Report spam if someone using your name in a wrong way.
  • Make sure your site won’t take more loading time. If it does, contact your hosting company to resolve this issue. Website speed checking is one of the on-page SEO techniques.

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