How Artificial Intelligence Ruling E-Commerce Business?

E-Commerce / July 9, 2018

Customer technology has evolved faster than we have ever imagined. From filing bills to driving a car with a navigational map, humans are dependent on the technology for every big and small task.

Amidst all, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has swept all the industries off their feet.  It’s been a while since AI has arrived, and in such a less time it is embraced by numerous technology giants.

Multiple industries get benefited by AI technology, but there’s slightly more impact of AI on the e-commerce industry.

How Artificial Intelligence works in e-Commerce Industry

Machine learning based AI technology is capable of performing tasks on its own. Customers use this intelligent technology through desktops and smart-phones especially for doing online shopping.

Numerous companies running an e-commerce business have adopted AI, one of the best-emerging technologies, to enhance a customer’s shopping experience.

Following points that makes clear how Artificial Intelligence impact e-commerce industry:

AI Boosts Visual Search

With the presence of machine learning technology, AI can enhance your shopping experience with visual search.

A customer can take a picture of any product and upload it, later AI will analyze the brand, style, color and other things of the uploaded pic and offers suggestions of similar products in which customer might be interested.

Online fashion store Neiman Marcus has adopted this technology.

AI Boost Voice Search

AI has started making your shopping experience more personal and interactive with its voice search option.

All you need to do is to ask your device to show the product of your choice, and done.

Amazon, the biggest online shopping store has implemented this technology.

AI Bring Forth Better Search Results

All the retail businesses using AI, use the search information that is put by customers into the search box to bring enhanced search results to customers with better alternatives and higher ROI. AI and machine learning improve e-commerce search.

AI Facilitates Inventory Management

Artificial Intelligence helps you to keep a proper record of your inventory so that you can manage it in a hassle-free way.

It collects the data, analyses it and musters all important information to predict the future demands and requirements.


Artificial Intelligence has changed the way of shopping. It has empowered the e-commerce industry and strives to boom in the coming future.

The path that has AI crossed has been exciting, and it would be interesting to see in what new way AI would help businesses and customers.

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