Managing HR Administration Complexities

We are string toward building the best Human Resource tools for your organization according to its requirements and needs. Techradius made Human Resource tools will develop a high-scale workplace for you with world class standard.

  • Help you in finding the right candidates
  • Make to take decisions faster in a strategize way.
  • Boost all the HR productivity
  • Help you in developing the culture of utmost professionalism
  • Help you in reducing risk
  • Motivate employees to perform better

Why Is HRM Important Today?

Our tailor-made HRMS solutions are perfect to give you a perfectly flexible and constable environment


  • HRMS tailor-made solutions offer marvelous services
  • We promise you a highly secured software
  • Give a quality product
  • You will get finest customer satisfaction

HRMS Features

Techradius believes in a healthy working environment and for that, we have developed excellent HRMS services that will help you the best HR system.


HR Administration

It helps you to manage all the HR administration services to offers hassle-free services.


Leave Management

It will help you in managing all the leaves of the employees and the chances of error are less.


Payroll Management

Will give you all the details on payroll management system and facilitates in managing the same.


Financial Interface

A proper financial interface has been submitted to you to take care of the necessities.


Timesheet Calculation

Checking on the timesheet is now a piece of cake with our timesheet calculation services.


Attendance Management

Our HRMS solution creates a proper attendance sheet for you and will help you in generating a better employe-company relationship.


Recruitment Process

The solution guides HR in the recruitment process by providing detailed information about employee status in the company.


Company Transfers

If an employee gets a transfer from one branch to another, it will take care of all the records of the same and help you in do the needful.



Our robust solution also helps HR in the training process.


Performance Management

Keeps the records of the performance of all the employees in the organization.


Employee Relations

Helps you in building a healthy relationship between an employee and an employer with transparency.


Company Policy

You can customize this software according to your company’s policy and regulations.