Manage the Core Elements of Your Business

Manage the Core Elements of Your Business

Techradius knows the need of the hour and therefore brought to you the most essential elements to run the business through its Enterprise Resource Planning services, Australia.

To understand the concept of ERP, you need to go back a little. The time when you used to take care of all essential business activities seperately such as inventory management, order management, human resources and accounting to name a few.

Through ERP services we have tried to rope all these services under one string which helps you accomplish the business task in the most efficient manner.

ERP Software That Is Agile and Easy to Use

Enterprise Resource Planning Services And Solutions

To simply put the social enterprise resource planning is the one platform from where one can access news, views and ERP stretegies of a particular organization.

The social ERP are proving a prominent value in getting an organization connected with their customers.

Social ERP, unlike the traditional system, is come into use be integrated with external socail media tools.

Thus social ERP applications can be called the mirror of all the social networking tool of business.

Finance & Accounting

We can offer a platfrom from where you can manage your all the capital inflow as well as the outflow.

Warehouse Management

Through this social ERP, you will get to know about the best and accurate location of goods and services.

Human Resources (HR)

We will develop various HRM tools such time tracker, timesheet, and other database related to employe to maintain the records.

Inventory Management

Through our Inventory management service, we will help you to measure your kept stock and standardization along with other inventory goals.

Order Management

Evident to its name, through this service you can easily manage the order and check its status.


It is related to the material purchasing where you can to quotation requests, purchase order and stock updates that are just to name a few.

Staff Augmentation

Through this software, you can also manage the staff and various requirements related to staffs.

Roll-Outs & Upgrades

This will let you updated with the current status of the stock and through which can be informed whenever you need to upgrade the same.


The interface integration plays a vital role in ERP, and we offer the best interface-integration services to you.