We assess the data in the most efficient way so that it may give better with our better business intelligence services.


With the proper implementation of business intelligence, you can make your business digitally advanced


With our better data ops process, we keep improving the quality of your data analytics and also reduce the cycle time of the same.

Why Customers Choose Appnovation’s Business Intelligence Consultants

We are one of the best business intelligence service company. We not only provide the canned reports to the users but also facilitates them the authentic data or information on which they can rely.

This trusted data can further be explored as well as explained for the enhanced decision-making capabilities.

  • Business process automation
  • Enhancing operational efficiency
  • Driving huge revenues
  • Giving competitive advantages

Our Expertise

Data Mining
Data Analysis
Data Reporting
Data Intelligence

Business Intelligence Services

Customer Intelligence

Techradius collect the information about your customers and analyze them to build the strong relationship with customers.

E-commerce Intelligence

Boosting Businesses with best e-commerce facilities with excellent business intelligence services.

Performance Intelligence

It will help us to gather the information about the performances of various sectors in businesses and made better results.

Financial Intelligence

Through financial intelligence, we will gather all the important information, analyze them and give you the best financial decision.

Marketing Intelligence

Through our marketing intelligence services, we will collect current trends of the market and make them serve to you in the best way possible so that you can make a wise market decision.

Sales Intelligence

Gathering sales information and asses them in such as way that it will offer you the best sales results that help in boosting your revenue.